“It was the limit!”

Mar 26-29, 1911

Sun. March 26, 1911

I didn’t go to church but went down with fear and trembling to S.S.  Oh I was scared blue to get up and say my speech   so were Berril and Mary. I got through some how  it was fearfully scarry[sic] to see all those hundreds of people looking at you.  The boy I went up with forgot to wait and let me go down the steps before he did and I had to tag after him like a little dunce! Berrill forgot to say the first paragraph of her speech but no one would know the difference. In the afternoon I read and then Vera came over and we played and talked  we opened our can of punch Ha Ha! and had punch & popcorn.

Mon. March 27, 1911

Well this has been a regular blizard[sic]! Snowed and blew somthing[sic] awful. This morning I didn’t get up until late then I practiced and wrang the clothes for mamma. This afternoon I took my music lesson and enjoyed it pretty well. When I got back I played with Ardith and tried to write a letter to Verna. After supper I finished the letter and wrote to Mrs. Redman. She has invited me to stay with her when I go to Allegan Sat.  wont[sic] that be lovely? Bernice Hoadley can’t come  she’s sick! I feel terribly bad about it 

Wed. March 29, 1911

Got up early and went down to meet the girls  Phyllis & Florence came all right This weather is awful so snowy and bad. This morning we played games and talked. After dinner we got ready and went down town “shoping”?[sic]  we went to look at hats and went to at least 15 stores  we had lots of fun and got in some funny places. We went into Harveys and had an orange ice  we also went to the library. 

The harem skirt, modeled at Gilmore's Department Store, with its skirt over trousers, was absolutely scandalous in 1911 (shown in this comic postcard from the same year)

Gilmore’s were[was] having their opening today and they had a living model showing off the harem skirt  Oh! it was the limit   just crowds were there to see her. They had Fisher’s orchestra and the music was beautiful. In the evening Vera came over and we girls made divinity candy and placed[sic] Bunco.


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