5 cents short!

 Sat. Feb. 25, 1911

Claire's friend May Fraser

Well my goodness sakes a day. May & I have had the funniest time! We wanted to go walking this afternoon some new place, so we took four car tickets and a quarter & started out. We took the East Main streetcar & rode to the end of the line then we walked from there to Cumstock[sic] and had to wait an hour for the car. May said she thought the fare was 5¢ to Kazoo so we bought some oranges 3 for 10¢.  We thought the car would never come but finely it did and we got on and a very nice young man gave us his seat. The conductor steped[sic] right up and I gave him a dime and he reached out his hand to May for another dime  We only had five cents more so we had to get off the car!! Oh it was terrible!! We felt so cheap we’re never going to tell a soul!  Well there we were tired and four miles from the nearest Kazoo car line. We knew we had to walk it so down the track we strutted tramp tramp! We thought we’ed[sic] never reach town  Well when we got to Recreation Park a groceryman with a bespattered delivery rig asked us if we wanted a ride and we were so tired that we swallowed our pride and got in and to cap the climax just as we drove up to Washington Ave and were about to get out and take the car, Clarence Hockstraw came by in an Auto and saw us.

Well I am home!

My bones are tired,

With a desire for bed

My soul is fired.

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