“I dread staying 5th hr again”

Mon. Jan. 30, 1911

Well this morning I wrote up my secretarys report of the Dec B.Y.P.U. business meeting  also the Jan. one and then fiddled around. Mrs. Randolph & Mrs. Warren came over to call. After dinner Aunt Emma and I started to a fire but the whistle blew that it was out before we got there. Then I went over to school and got my card and blue book  I wrote an A chemistry exam!  I never was so surprised at anything in all my life.  I have History 1st hr., Study the second, Trig 3rd, Physics 4th and Latin 5th.  I dread staying fifth hr again  After shool[sic] we girls went to a fire which was quite exciting then we went down town  I bought his diary. I have just felt lost without one this month. I will try and fill in some of the days however.

Tues. Jan. 31, 1911

This is the last day of January! [It] hardly seems possible. There really hasn’t anything important happened today. Its awful not getting out of school at noon until 12:30. But then I don’t have to be back in the afternoon which is one comfort. There are about 30 or 40 in our Trig. Class and only 7 in the Latin class! Miss Hockstein is a fine Latin teacher! She is head of the department. In the afternoon I studied then Vera and I went down to the library  I think we have a beautiful library. In the evening I practiced my mandolin and the read some more in “The Marrige[sic] of William Ashe”  I don’t know what I think of that book, its very odd.

Kalamazoo Library, ca. 1915

Wed. Feb. 1, 1911

My new Etude came today and it has a real pretty Nocturn in it for the Mandolin  Well I went to school and I think all my classes are interesting but I can’t get used to staying 5th hr.  This afternoon I went over and took my Mandolin lesson. Next week Wed. night the first orchestra practice is going to be held at Prof. Lyon’s. I think it will be lots of fun. I am ancious[sic] to see what sort of a crowd it will be. This evening I studied. I really don’t know anything I ought to know  I wish I could learn things faster.

Thurs. Feb. 2, 1911

Miss Newhall arranged the seating arrangement in “50’ today and as fate would have it I sit on the very front seat. Rosamond sits across from me and Hellen Williams in back of me and I haven’t yet discovered the name of the girl on the other side of me though she seems real nice.  I am going to have Rosa Stern for my Phy. Lab partener[sic]  I don’t know how we will get along I’m sure.  It a QUESTION YET TO BE SOLVED! This afternoon I went to Orchestra practice  there were only a few of us there. None of the violins. Mr. Hammond played my mandolin before practice began and then when I was playing he stood right by me all the time it made me so nervious[sic] I couldn’t play a thing  I guess he thinks I can’t play anything!!!

Herman Siewart and Ruth McCarthy, senior class pictures, 1911

Fri. Feb. 3, 1911

I wonder if anybody I know now will ever become great and famous? There’s Herman Siewart it seems to me that he will be a wonderful musician! I shouldn’t wonder if Donald Little would be an inventor or something[sic] though I simple[sic] can’t stand him!! I think Ruth MacCarthy will be some kind of a literary woman!

I had my seat changed again and I like the location and surroundings lots better. This afternoon Vera and I went to W.I.C. meeting but there weren’t enough members there to have a meeting. I guess its going to go to pieces  I am tired of it anyhow. Mrs Warren came over for a while this evening. I took a vacation this evening and read.

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