Fischer’s Exposition Orchestra for the New Year

This book belongs to
Claire L. Wight
241 Ingleside

In case of accident notify
Rev. W.E. Wight
241 Ingleside

Sun. Jan. 1, 1911

I wrote part of todays in my old diary but I will go on now. Well I talked about everthing[sic] I could think of and then we went to the Sacred concert. Oh the music was exquisite!! Perfectly wonderful. Fisher’s full orchestra gave it and I could have sat there all night listening. They play parts from the great operas and they played pieces from the greatest composers. Oh my! I would give anything if I could play Ase’s Death by Greig like they played it. It certainly is inspiring to hear such music I wish they hadn’t stoped[sic] so soon. Afterwards George wanted to go to Mebimbers for some hot chocolate so we did. But I don’t think it was right. We talked “politics” (Ha ha) on the way home and so got along very well. He said he was going to send me a card when he got back to Ann Arbor.

Postcard of Fischer’s Orchestra, 1911

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