The whistle is blowing the new year in…

Week of December 26, 1909

December Sunday 26 1909  Did not get up until 10:45 but I went to Sunday School  In the afternoon I wrote and then Cornelia came up  she gave me a fine handkerchief  we went over to Edna’s a while then I came back and wrote  Oliver sent me a High School Pendant from Minneapolis.  Mamma gave me a lovely new diary. I can hardly wait to use it  she also she gave me some kid gloves, hat pin, side combs, birthday book

Kalamazoo Public Library, ca. 1910

Monday 27  In the morning I practiced   2-1/2 hrs. in the afternoon I dusted my room and then went and got Esther and we went down town  we got a due bill of 60¢ at Beecher & Kymer for some old books. I took [it] down Ha! Ha! Then she got some rubbers at James store and we got three books at the library. In the evening I read “Two Gentlemen of Virgina” but did not finish it. 

Tuesday 28  In the morning I practiced in the afternoon I took my music lesson, ironed for a surprise for mamma,  wrote two letters   one to Mrs Waite and one to Bernice. In the evening I went coasting up on Hilbert St. And Oh it was Grand!!  Charley Nichols, Esther, Hazel and I were the original party, But May Stiman was with us some and towards the end there were 3 boys & 3 girls.  John McKee and Roscoe Hartin.

Wednesday 29  In the morning I practiced  In the afternoon I wrote and then Esther and I went down to the train to meet Helen Merchant but Papa and she got off at Main St. so they got home first and E & I got fooled. Papa didn’t know I was coming to meet her. Then we 3 girls started to read “Barbara” and Esther came back after super[sic] and we read some more & talked.

December Thursday 30 1909 In the morning I practiced then we went over to College pond skating but there wasn’t any so I took Helen over to the Normal.* In the afternoon Edna, Esther, H and I went out to the Asylum and they showed us into some of the wards and the patiences[sic] acted awfully funny  then we went downtown and I took my mandolin lesson. In the evening we went coasting on Hilbert, Mamma & Mrs. D went too for a while. We had a grand time. [*The Normal is Western State Normal College, today we know it as Western Michigan University.]

Western State Normal School, ca. 1910

Friday 31  In the morning we studied the 1st  4 ch. of Rev. Amd then E & us read in “Barbara Winslow”* In the afternoon and evening H & I went up to E’s and finished at 11:20 p.m.  It was grand! The new Presto! While I write the clock has just struck 12. It is the new year and I hope it will be a happy one. The whistles is blowing  the new year  in now, for me.  May “God make his face to shine upon me and mine” [*Barbara Winslow, Rebel was written in 1906 by Elizabeth Ellis.]

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