Merry Xmas! Diary

Week of December 19, 1909

Sunday 19  Did not got to Church but went to Sunday School. In the afternoon I read “Beverly of Graustark” but did not finish it  I think its one of the nicest books I ever read  Vera came over and we went to B.Y.P.U.  Harry Harvey lead the meeting. I think the boys act perfectly awful. Elma Furst got up and gave them a talking to and they deserved it.

Monday 20  OO After school Esther came up and we studied. She came up in the evening again and we studied but also read “Beverly of Graustark.”  My! its exciting  we could hardly bear to stop reading but of course we had to.  I am still keeping up with my practicing though its pretty hard to up in the morning.

 Tuesday 21  OO After school Esther and I studied and read. Then I took my music lesson  I got along better tonight than last week. She keeps me about an hour every time. I hope some day I will be able to play. After  super[sic] Esther came up and we studied and read.  We left off such an exciting place that I couldn’t stand it so after she went I read some more and almost finished it.

December Wednesday 22 1909  OO After school The high school teachers entertained the pupils  the decorations were beautiful  they had a Christmas tree and fireplace and          Mr. Rice was Santa Claus. We had a real nice time. In the evening Esther, Vera and I went to the “Coronation of Cris Krindle” [Kringle]  It was fine  It was at the Prespiterian[sic] Church and Russel Williams was one of the chief characters  he has a fine voice

Thursday 23  OO now school is out for 10 day   My I am glad. After school Esther and I went down town  I took my mandolin lesson. Then went shopping  After super[sic] we went to the Christmas exercises at our church to helped Gene with the “Birds nest” as usual. I also went down town to get a few last things. Mrs Oakley gave each girl in the class a handkerchief

This tree may look similar to the one that Claire and her family decorated on December 24th.

Friday 24 1909  My! how I worked today. I got eleven present[s] ready to go to Allegan and it took me up untill[sic] the very minute Mamma started for the car. I gave “Candied Opinious” and bookmarks to the girls. In the evening Edna and I trimed[sic] the tree  we are going to spend Christmas at her house. The tree looks just grand and we counted about 100 present on it.

Saturday 25  Merry Xmas! Diary. Oh and its been a happy one for me  Mamma and Papa got home about 10 o’clock this morning from Allegan and then we went over to Edna’s to the tree  My! Ardith was surprised. She was a little scared at first. Oh I got so many beautiful things. I got my first handpainted dish this year…Oh there is so much I want to write.

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