Getting ready for Christmas

Week of December 12, 1909

Sunday 12  In the morning we got up real late and it was sleeting so we did not go to Church. We practiced some more and we do have such fun playing together. Then we made candy. And what I made turned out awful. In the afternoon we drove to meeting  Guernzie took some pictures of us just before we started. I am so hoarse I can hardly talk and I had to read a verse in bible class  Oh! it was funny.

Monday 13  OO after school I came home and practiced and studied. In the evening Esther came up and we studied.  Well I guess I won’t try to write anything  I’m all mixed up.

December Tuesday 14, 1909  OO after school Esther came up and we studied then I went and took my music lesson  we have been having our piano fixed this week so I have not been able to get in all my practicing so consequently I had a very bad lesson. In the evening I read “Twelth Night”  Oh I wish I had all the money I wanted to buy Christmas presents.

Wednesday 15  OO The gymnasium girls give a party tonight each girl could invite one partner  I asked Nina Jacobs. We had a lot of fun playing games and we had the grand march. Esther and I were on the “eats” committee and we served Brick ice cream and vanila[sic] waffers[sic]. Esther Ruth Martin and I carried about 40 chairs down to gym the 6th hr and we worked like furry.

Thursday 16  OO after school I went to take my mandolin lesson  May went with me. Cornelia walked down with us. But she met her Mother at Gilmores. This is Cornelias birthday  May and I bought her a pin together. She invited Esther, May, Rosamond, Helen Mills, Mary, Isabelle Wright, Ada MacEwen, Evelyn Lay and I up to supper. We had a swell three course dinner   after it all the girls went to dancing school except Esther, Ada and I.

The interior of Gilmore Brothers Department Store, about 1908.

Friday 17  OO after school Esther came up and we made candy  had a lot of fun. Then she went home and Bernice came up for super[sic] and spent the evening  We studied maps and talked in the evening had a real nice time   she goes home for Christmas Vacation tomorrow. Esther and I should have gone over to Mrs Oakleys to practice for Christmas but we didn’t

December Saturday 18 1909  In the morning I went over to Edna’s for a little then I practiced 1-1/2 hrs. In the afternoon Edna and I went shopping. We had a real nice time. I got goods for a dressing sack for mamma, a ring box for Aunt Emma and dishes for Ardith, handkerchief for James. In the evening I did all my powder bags for the girls.

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