Week of December 5, 1909

Sunday  Went to church and S.S.  In the afternoon I read “Graustarke”  I finished it and I think it is just grand.  I can hardly wait to read “Beverly of Graustark”*   The Thermometer dropped 32 degrees today from three in the afternoon  untill[sic] nine at night. It has been an awful day rain and wind. [Beverly of  Graustark was as novel written in 1904 by George Barr McCutcheon.]

Monday  OO after school I stayed to gymnasium and had lots of fun playing Basket Ball. First game our side had two baskets and each of us had a guard and we only had one guard on the other side. We were beaten 4 to 10 I guess.  Second games I [had the] only basket on our side and had two guards and our side beat 18 to 12 or 20 to 12  My I was tickled. Then I went over to Mrs. W and she had Vera, Hazel and Earl P. over.  We played games and had a lot of fun.  E came up in evening and we studied.

Tuesday  OO after school took my music lesson  she kept me over an hour. In the evening Esther and I went to Gladies [Gladys] Martins. She entertained the “Farther Lights” and “Junior Barackas”  Prof.* and Ms. Martin talked on India and it was very interesting.  They served “cury and rice” an Indian dish and it was perfectly vial. E and I felt awfully sick and we only ate a few mouthfuls. They also served coffee. [*Prof. Louis Martin was a foreign missionary per 1910 U.S. census.]

Wednesday 8  1909  OO after school Bernice came down and we talked and sang. We tried some real pretty songs. In the evening I studied “As you like it.”  I like it about the best of any of Shakespere’s plays and I hope some time I may see the play. I am still getting up early in the morning to practice.

Thursday 9 Bigest[sic] Fire in the History of Kalamazoo. Started about 10 last night and is burning yet tonight. Star Bargin[sic] House, Burdick Hotel, in fact 24 concerns out of Business. Fire departments are here from Grand Rapids and Battle Creek.

The aftermath of the fire. The Star Bargain House (a discount store) is visible on the left. The front entryway of the Burdick Hotel is show at the center of the photo.

Friday 10 1909  OO in the afternoon I got excused and went to Allegan to visit Helen Merchant  she is awfully nice. She and a Nora Macarn and I rode out in a sleigh and my! it was fun. After super[sic] we played. I the piano and she the mandolin  Oh we had such fun. She has a cousin named Guernzie Cummings that lives here with them and he is awfully nice. All the family are nice.

 Saturday 11  In the morning we played games and practiced. In the afternoon Guernzie got the bob sleigh and filled the bottom of the box with hay and robes and we went coasting  we stoped[sic] for lots of people but there were only three girls could go 7 or 8 boys. My! we had fun. We coasted down awfully steep hills and it was real exciting. In the evening we played and talked.

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