Thanksgiving Week

Week of November 21, 1909

Sunday 21  Went to church and S.S.  Bernice came up in the afternoon and we made candy and talked. Ardith is so cute she was over to see me this afternoon. After Bernice went I read.  I did not go to B.Y.P.U. tonight. It has rained quite a bit today.

November Monday 22, 1909  OO in the morning. It rained so hard they only had half day. In the afternoon Esther and I studied then we dressed up for the puritan party tonight and went down to the church to decorate. We wore calico dresses white aprons white caps white kerchiefts and hair down our backs. There were 60 there. I had a fine time. I sat with Harry Moerdyke and Leslie Buswell for refreshments. Came home with Leslie. Fred and Earl were dressed up awfully funny.

Tuesday 23  OO after school Esther came up and we got our Latin. Then I took my music lesson  it went off quite well  she is real nice.  In the evening Esther came up and we studied geometry and talked. We talked more than we studied though. After she went I read a little then went to bed. It is  real cold today and I think it will be skating soon.

November Wednesday 24, 1909  OO May and Nina came to visit in the afternoon. After school Esther and May stopped to study but we couldn’t because we knew we had all vacation to do it in  so I don’t suppose we will get it done. In the evening I played and read.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Edna, James, Leslie, Ardith and Ruth Bestor are coming over to dinner. Miss Quick sent us a fine turkey.

On Thanksgiving Day, the family probably listened to music on an Edison phonograph. The one pictured here has an extra large speaker called a morning glory horn.

Thursday 25  Did not get up to Breakfast until about 10:00. I practiced an hour in the morning and helped fix the table. Then the folks came and we had dinner  Mercy!!! We all ate so much we could hardly stand it and James and I ran around the house between courses. In the afternoon we listened to music then all went walking Leslie, Ruth, and I got way ahead of the rest and went out to the Asylum  some crazy woman hollered at us and we went to Germany etc. Alps and etc.  Leslie got a box of chocolates on the way home.  – this evening learned some funny stuff.

November Friday 26, 1909  slept late in the morning  practiced an hour. In the afternoon I stayed with Ardith while Edna went down town and then she went up to DeWaters to get her dress fitted so Ardith and I were together all the afternoon  I stayed with her in the evening also while Edna and James went up to Mr and Mrs Dr. Ramsdall’s to a kind of party.  I read “Granstark” while they were gone but did not get it finished

Harrison Fisher was famous for drawing young women. They were popularly known as "Gibson Girls."

Saturday 27  Dear little diary you and I are in a strange room tonight  We have come to Allegan with Papa and mamma and are staying in a Hilda Josephs room  she isn’t here and I have never seen her. The room is awfully pretty and her books and pictures are all up. She is evidently quite an artist and there is the dearest girls head she has painted on the wall and also several landscapes. There are two young mens pictures in the room and one is staring at me while I write  I wonder who he is. There are a lot of Harrison Fischers pictures up too.

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