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Week of November 14, 1909

November Sunday 14, 1909   In the morning I read some more of D.C. [David Copperfield]and went to S.S.  In the afternoon I read and ate apples and then Bernice came down and we had a nice time  she went home about seven and then I read some more. I can hardly wait for it to get cold enough to skate.

Monday 15  OO after school stayed to gym  we all played baseball in Praegers back yard and had lots of fun. I was first base. After super[sic] Esther came down and we studied and talked but did not accomplish much  after she went I copyied[sic] my English comp. then went to bed. My I am awfully tired tonight.

November Tuesday 16, 1909  OO after school Esther stoped[sic] and we got our Latin. Then I took my music lesson  I got along pretty well and I like Mrs. Read for a teacher very much. In the evening I wrote a letter to Rose Holtz and played games with papa and played the piano. The wind is just a howling outdoors and I think it will snow tomorrow.

Wednesday 17  OO after school Esther and I got our Latin Prose then we went down town. She got 2 loaves of stale bread and I got a nickels worth of stale doughnuts Oh it was funny. We went to a printing office on Burdicks St. that was the funniest place you ever saw. It was awfully spooky! I went down to James  stores and got my manelin [i.e., mandolin]. In the evening E and I studied over to Vera’s.

November Thursday 18, 1909  OO had a geometry and Latin test today   got 98 in geometry and 73 in Latin. I read one question wrong in Latin and didn’t have time to finish all the test. We get our cards tomorrow.  We played Basket ball at gym tonight and I was a basket  we had lots of fun at gym tonight. In the evening Esther and I went to Prayer Meeting and I stayed to a committee meeting after E. and Fred waited for me

Friday 19  OO got B, in Latin B, in English A, in Drawing and A, in Geometry  after school I went to W.I.C. at Miss Clark’s. In the evening I went to a B.Y.P.U. Business meeting at LaTourette’s. had a real nice time. Acted like a fool part of the time. I wonder [when] I will begin going with boys. Esther went home with Fred and I went home with Vera and Mrs. Warren. Got home about 10:00.

November Saturday 20  Ate breakfast about 10:00  I was awfully lazy today  In the morning practiced. In the afternoon I read, painted and took care of Ardith  she is just awfully cute and will try to say anything you ask her  I asked her to saw [say] Hippopotomus today and she tried it. In the evening I went over to Edna’s and Bernice came over too. We had a real nice time.

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