Practice! Practice! Practice!

Week of November 7, 1909

Sunday 7  In the morning we went to church and S.S. and James and I tried to take care of Ardith while Edna was in the choir and she yelled at Bernice and Edna and talked and laughed so that James had to take her out. In the afternoon went to Bible class. We took the hack to the depot and a couple of other ladies were in with us. And B & I pretended we knew nothing about Allegan.  On the train we pretended we were deef[sic] and dum and Oh it was funny.  I think people really thought we were.

November Monday 8, 1909  OO I saw Mrs. Reed* today and I am going to start taking lessons of her tomorrow and I am going to practice an hour a day! I will! I must! I am going to make myself practice. I stayed after school and wrote my essay for tomorrow. In the evening Esther came up and we studied Latin and Geometry. I don’t know what I will do when I get to be a Junior or Senior. I am awfully sick of school. [*Mrs. Read was an instructor at Kalamazoo College for piano and organ.]

Tuesday 9  OO after school Esther came up to study and then I went and took my music lesson of Mrs Read. It is a long enough lesson. I am glad I am beginning again. Mrs MacDowell, Mr MacDowell and little Harriet came up from Allegan today. They are going to stay all night. In the evening I wrote a letter to Aunt Lillian and wrote in my diary.

November Wednesday 10, 1909   OO I practiced an hour a day now I am going to keep it up. Vera came over a little while and Mrs. Warren came and asked us to play some duets for the Philathea super[sic] Friday and we said we would then I went over to Vera’s and we practiced   in the evening I practiced and then played checkers and he showed me how to play two new games named “Mountain” and “Give away”  11 to 1

Thursday 11  OO after school Esther came up and we got our Latin Prose for one more week. In the evening Esther and Bernice came down for a minute to borow[sic] the “Pictorials” then they went home and I went over to Vera’s and we practiced and practiced. I do hope it goes off all right tomorrow!!!

November Friday 12, 1909  OO I think I will feel awfully old and funny when I get through school (if I ever do).  I wonder if I will be an artist when I grow up  I hope so (I  am certainly far from one now but I love it so). After school I went down to the church and Vera and I practiced then we went and met her friend Maebelle Mills from Jackson. Then we went a played and it went off quite well.

 Saturday 13  In the morning I practiced and read. In the afternoon and evening I read “David Copperfield” and in the evening I also went up to Esthers to see her and Bernice—I wonder if Mamma and Papa will ever let me go to a football game  Oh I want to so much  There were two football games today that I wanted to go to.

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