A Night at the Academy

Week of October 31, 1909

 October Sunday 31, 1909   Esther Rosamond, Bernice & I had our pictures taken last night and we had to sit still 10 min!!! B. and I got to sleep at 4:30 o’clock. Went to church and S.S. today. Edna had Bernice to dinner and I went over in the afternoon. James asked me “to be one of a company of five” tomorrow night at the Academy for Lyman Howe and I excepted [accepted]. But I don’t like the looks of it very well.  Because I think they are first using me as a tool to get Bernice to go with Leslie.  

Interior of Kalamazoo's Academy of Music. The building was demolished in the 1960s.

[November] Monday 1  OO after school Esther stopped to study then Edna fixed my hair for the evening and then I went up to explain things to Bernice. In the evening Edna, James, Leslie, Vera and I went to Lyman Howe.* Bernice was sick and couldn’t go.  It was just grand!! They had “A dash for the north pole” for one thing and it was just wonderful. They had Cook and the whole thing so soon after too. They had lots of other nice things too. It rained while we were coming home.



*Lyman Howe was a travelling showman who brought short movies to theaters. Movies were a new form of entertainment in 1909 and people flocked to see them. On November 1st, 1909 he played at Kalamazoo's Academy of Music, bringing short movies of France, the Rocky mountains, ice skating, lumber camps, etc.


November Tuesday 2, 1909  OO I am getting a long pretty well now in my school work but Oh how glad I will be when I graduate and get through with H.S. [high school]  I subscribed for the Delphin[sic]* today.  After school I went over to Edna’s a while. Mrs. Rogers was up to call this afternoon. Then I drew. In the evening I wrote and got out my bible lesson. I am expecting to go to Allegan Friday. [*The Delphian is the high school yearbook for Kalamazoo Central.]

 Wednesday 3  OO They are going to have all kinds of things in our ‘Street Fair’ everthing[sic] from an Art Exhibit to a “Cave of the Winds.” They have elected me to be Creatorie [i.e., Guiseppe Creatore] in Creatorie’s band and we stayed to practice tonight and everbody[sic] thinks I do fine. My its hard!!!! Bernice and Cornelia came up after we got home and we had a nice time. In the evening I wrote, practiced and got out my bible lesson.


November Thursday 4, 1909  OO after school stayed to band practice and my arms are so lame today from swinging that “baton” that I can hardly stand it. The girls do real well and as soon as we know just who’s going to play what we will get along real fast.  The evening Esther came up and we got our Latin Prose. I washed my hair between 5:15 and super[sic] and I have just got it combed and fixed  Oh I am tired tonight.

Friday 5  OO in the afternoon I got excused and Bernice and I came to Allegan. I put paper wads in the hair of the lady that sat in front of me until Bernice made me stop. An awfully funny man rode in the back with us as far as the hotel. In the evening we went to Prayer meeting and stayed to choir practice. I acted awful in [choir] practice and Bernice had a headache. We went to bed about 12.

 November Saturday 6, 1909  In the morning we didn’t get up until late  I played checkers and beat Bernice, Isabel and Miss Vandeburg. I like Miss Vandenburg very much. In the afternoon we took three pictures  one of Fritze & I, Bernice & Fritze and Bernice and Miss Vandenburg. Then we went down to Mrs. Redmans for super[sic]. Edna and the baby have come to visit Mrs. Redman. This is Ardith’s first real visit away from home. We had a lovely time and a fine super[sic].

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