Week of October 24, 1909

Sunday 24  We got up real late this morning and got ready for church. Papa and Mamma came up to dinner. Went to church in the morning and so many people knew me and shook hands with me that I was almost bewildered. In the afternoon the Judge and his wife came up and when we went to Bible class we rode. Then we came back, ate lunch and took the train back here to old Kazoo. I hope the girls can come up some time soon!!!

October Monday 26 1909  OO after school I went over to Mrs. Smiths to arrange for the missionary program next Sunday. Then I came home and Esther and I studied until   super[sic] time   we got our geometry and almost out Latin. In the evening Vera Perry and I went to hear a colored Julilee[sic] concert at our church. It was just fine. Esther went with Fred Walker and they got into the wrong reserved seats and had to get up and go way to the other side of the church and then come back again.

Tuesday 26  OO in school today Cora Kreeger gave me some chestnuts and I opened one and it was all full of little fat white worms  they got all over the floor and Esther & I each took one to Latin class. After school Esther came down and we studied and in the evening Bernice came down and we talked and talked  Oh I love her so!!! She’s such a dear. She told me some things I was glad to know. Then she drew and I talked to her.

Wednesday 27 1909  OO after school I stayed a few minutes to talk about plans for the “CountyFair.” Then I went to W.I.C. at Mrs Smith’s and it was quite nice. I’m president now  we had cocoa, sandwitches[sic], olives and Frou Frou for refreshments. In the evening I studied geometry and reading  When I grow up I’m going to let my children read all the books they want too.

Thursday 28  Went to school  I had a geometry test this morning but I got through pretty well  I guess I will leave a space here and write in my mark tomorrow night when I find out what I got.  93.  After school Esther and I went to the grocery and then we wrote Latin prose. Then I went up to Esthers for a few minutes and saw Bernice. After super[sic] I practiced and read. They have been waxing the floors and I sliped[sic] on a rug and hurt my wrist. I hope it won’t be bad.

October Friday 29, 1909   OO Bernice visited school with E. and I this morning. In the afternoon Miss Wood made me change my seat sixth hr. and I got a squeeky[sic] one!!! After school Esther and I stayed to the football game between K.S.H.* and Benton Harbor  the K.S.H. won 28 to 3 (one man got his arm broke  several others wounded).  After that we went to the tug of war between the Sophmores[sic] and Freshman [lasted 14 min.] of the College but we were to late to see it. The Freshmen won.  In the evening I went up to see Bernice and Esther. [*Kalamazoo Central High]

Kalamazoo Central High School's football team, circa 1917

Saturday 30  In the morning Mamma and I went shopping  didn’t get home till 1:30. I bought me a beautiful grey coat and a pair of shoes. In the afternoon I darned and sewed. In the evening Esther had R.P., M.F., C.D and myself up for the evening and stay all night.  Cornelia was dressed up awfully cute in a bright blue trimmed in white Buster Brown suit [breret] had worn at a masquerade party. We had a marshmallow wrost[sic] out doors and had a lot of fun. Rollin MacDounald[sic], and Livingstone Lautourette, and Ray Baker came to Esthers in masquerade and Kenneth Chaffee wasn’t dressed up.  E & I were dressed up like boys.  May and C couldn’t stay all night because they are going to S.H. tomorrow.

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