Contemplating the future

Week of October 17, 1909

Sunday 17  Same as yesterday. I have been reading some fine books this week.

Monday 18  OO all day stayed after school for Miss Brown to help me with my geometry  In the evening I studied and went to bed. Everybody in school had to write on a piece of paper who their ideal person was that they would like to be like  oh it was funny  some of the boys put down the craziest answers. I put down the “Little C” and so did Esther.

Tuesday 19, 1909  OO, this is mamma’s birthday  in the evening Edna, James and Leslie came over to super[sic]. In the evening I staid up stairs and read. In the afternoon we had gym and Miss Brown our geometry teacher came down and played with us. If I am ever a teacher I am going to take an interest in what the pupils do. I gave mamma a Hammered Brass candle holder for her Birthday.

Wednesday 20  OO after school Esther came up and we studied and then she came up in the evening and we studied some more. I am working hard on my geometry. I wonder If I will ever read this diary when I get to be an old woman  I wonder if I will have a hard time in life. I’m glad I don’t know every thing that is going to happen in the future. Because It might be somthing[sic] I wouldn’t like. But yet again I might like it

This child's rocker from the Museum's collection, may be similar to the one given to Claire's niece on her 2nd birthday.

October Thursday 21  1909  OO after school I went nutting up in the cemetary[sic] but did not feel like picking up many so did not stay long. After super[sic] Esther and Bernice came up and Esther and I wrote our Latin Prose. We have to write Latin Prose once every week and Oh how we hate it. I am going to Allegan tomorrow to see Phyllis. This was Ardiths 2nd birthday  she is two now  Mamma, Papa and I gave her a little rocking chair.

Friday 22  OO In the afternoon I got excused at 2:15 and came to Allegan to see Phyllis. Bernice came home today too so I had company. In the evening we talked and then went to bed. I read part of my diary to Phyllis. We went to sleep about 10:30 I guess. We are going to Verna Bains tomorrow afternoon. Won’t that be nice. Oh I like it so much here the girls are such Dears and Mrs Landon is so nice!!!!!!!!!

 October Saturday 23 1909  In the morning Phyllis and I read and talked and enjoyed our selfs generally. The time passes so fast here. In the afternoon Phyllis, Florence and I went over to Verna Baines and had a fine time  we ate nabiscoes and roasted marshmellows. Bernice was over too. Mamma and Papa stopped in for a minute. I think Verna is just as nice as she can be. In the evening Florence, Phillip, Phyllis and I played “Animal grab.” Then we went to bed. This has been a lovely day.

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