Feeling miserable!

Week of October 10, 1909

Sunday 10  It rained today. I did not go anywhere all day but just read and wrote all day. I have felt miserable all day and I hope I feel all right tomorrow. I wonder if its because my life is so carefree and happy that I notice it so when things go wrong. Oh how I wish I had a nice Black horse to ride. I wonder if I will have one before Christmas.

Claire dreams of having a black horse, just like this unidentified woman with her two horses, circa 1905

Monday 11  Sick I did not go to school today I hate to get behind in my work. I felt miserable and ready most all day.

Tuesday 12  sick again today could not go to school I read most all day or played checkers with papa

Wednesday 13  same as yesterday only I OO in morning and could not go in afternoon. Mrs. Fraser gave a surprise Tea Party for May but I being sick couldn’t go.  Just my luck! We girls got her a picture.

Thursday 14  Same as Tuesday!!!!!!

Friday 15  Same as yesterday. I was so sorry I could not go to the Banquet.

Saturday 16  Same as yesterday

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