The Penny Social

Week of October 3, 1909

Sunday 3, 1909  Went to church and S.S.  In the afternoon Bernice came up and we read and made candy. In the evening we went to Intermediate B.Y.P.U. and Esther led the meeting  after meeting we went over to the Academy of Music to hear Mel Trotter of the City Rescue Mission of Grand Rapids and Belkorn the great singer and composer sing  he sang “Sweet Peach the gift of Gods Love” and played his own accompliment[sic] on the baby organ and it was Grand! Beautiful

 Monday 4  OO. I enjoy my art work so much  my teacher is just lovely. She used to take lessons of Miss Campbel[sic] and she thinks she is awfully nice. In the evening I studied and mamma looked for a piece for to speak at the Banquet.

Wednesday 6  OO after school I entertained the W.I.C.’s  we planned for our social chiefly and have got everything quite systimatical[sic]. It is to be a penny social  we are going to have booths. One what Peary discovered at the North pole is going to be a Teady[sic] Bear and what Cook discovered is going to be a pole with cotton and sparkly stuff on it and a flag at the top. In the evening Bernice came up and we talked and went over to get a book at Laura Smiths.

Thursday 7  OO after school Rosamond took May, Esther, Cornelia and I out riding and my we had such fun  we went out the Ravine road and out to almost to Twin Lakes  I brought home a lot of autumn leaves and we got all the walnuts we had room for. It was a perfectly lovely ride and we got some apples in an apple orchard. We got home about six.  After supper Esther came up and we studied then went to Prayer meeting and B.Y.P.U. business meeting  I am Chairman of the missionary com.

Twin Lakes, painted by Robert Hopkin

Friday 8  OO after school came home and got ready for the penny social then Vera and I went down to the church. I had a huge armful of autumn branches and we carried a basket with five quarts of milk between us. My we looked funny. There were about 8 of us W.I.C’s ate our supper down there and worked. The boys stole our cocoa so we had to serve just milk. I was auctioneer for the auction and Oh it made me tired. We made about $4.00 or 3.75.

Saturday 9, 1909  I slept at Ednas last night because Mamma and Papa are in Allegan and Aunt Emma and Gene hadn’t get back from Niagra until this morning. They had a fine time there. I hope I may go some day. I felt awfully bad today and I didn’t do much but lounge around and read. When I grow up I’m going to have a cat.

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