“This week has been full of excitement”

Week of September 26, 1909

Wednesday 29  OO then went down town with Cornelia. In the afternoon I went downtown. I took a picture from the top of the Ferris wheel and we went on the ocean wave also.  In the evening all we girls Mrs DeWater, mamma, Miss Randolf, went to see the fireworks at the college campus  they were grand thousands of people there to see them  then we went to the mock fire on the corner of Rose and Park  it was so crowded I could hardly breath!!!!

Thursday 30  OO in the morning  in afternoon went down town with Rosamond and Cornelia. The floral parade was fine  it was beautifully decorated carriages and auto’s.  Esther, May, Bernice and Hazel rode in the parade and I have their picture. In the evening Edna, James, Lesllie, Mrs. Redman, Bernice and I went (1) Vaudette, (2) casting act, (3) parade (4) Tight rope walker (5) Trapeze act (6) Ferris wheel, (7) Merry go-round twice. Had the most fun tonight of any night yet. The parade was awfully funny  take off on Rosavelt[sic] and everything. 

[October] Friday 1 OO in the morning in the afternoon went down town with Cornelia and Rosamond. They had a fine parade this afternoon  it was all the Secret orders viz. Elks, Rebeckas, etc. The floots[sic] were beautifuland the procesion[sic] was very long  we three girls went on the Merrygo round once. I got a picture of the Rebecka wagon and one other   Rosamond took Cornelia and I riding and it was awfully nice. In the evening Bernice came down and stayed all night

Souvenir pennant from Kalamazoo's Silver Anniversary

Saturday 2  In the morning Bernice’s mother came today and they were both here to dinner. In the afternoon we all went down to see the parade  it was labor organizations[sic] and stores and things like that. I didn’t go down in the evening because it was going to be a rough night* Well this week has been full of excitment[sic].


*[historical research tells us that the city officials were expecting trouble from some of the event goers].

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