What will I be?

Week of September 19, 1909

Sunday 19, 1909   In the morning I went to church with Vera, esther & Hazel stayed to S.S.  In the afternoon I read one of the Little Colonel’s books and wish I could be more like the Little Colonel in some ways.  I hope I may grow up to be a true and lovely woman and I hope I may leave a “Road of the Loving heart” in everones[sic] memory  I think I shall begin tomorrow and even if I live to be an old maid (which I think I shall) I’m going to be cheerful! cheerful!! cheerful!!!

Monday 20   OO In the afternoon I took a worm to school in a macaroonie [macaroni] Box to show to the girls  it was such a funny big fat green one and Esther wanted it to take home to Hazel because she is studying Zoology and it got out of the box twice and my it was so funny. After school Esther and Cornelia came up to study and we studied till supper time  this is just after supper and I am going to study geometry now

 Tuesday 21  nothing especial[sic] happened today.

Wednesday 22   OO  I made the awfullest blunder today  I began talking to Ada MacEvan about Mrs Cole our art teacher and I said Isn’t she funny.  And then I told something she had said but said I liked her too  Ada was walking with Helen Mills and afterwards Cornelia told me Mrs C. is Helens sister!!  W.I.C. met at Veras today and I was elected President. We are planning a social for the 8th that I think is going to be a grand success. In the evening I got all ready for the church Rec. for new students and it rained so I couldn’t go.

Thursday 23   OO  after school Esther came up and we got our Latin Prose together   my we worked hard. I just hate Latin prose. In the evening I darned stockings and mended while mamma read “the Trail of the Lonesome Pine” outland[out loud] to us. I have got such a nice set of teachers this year and I hope I can get out of all my exams. I wonder if by next year I will be going with boys any like Esther does now? 

Trail of the Lonesome Pine, a western romance, was a 1908 bestseller

Friday 24   OO Esther and I ate a peach in school today. We both got excused from school in the afternoon and went to meet Bernice. She came and Oh I am so glad  we went around down town and then she went up to her boarding place.  Bernice expected to have a room by herself and now the woman is going to put two other girls with her  She is going to see if she can’t room at Esthers.  In the evening Esther and Bernice and I went to the Sherwood meeting and reception  had quite a nice time.

Saturday 25   In the morning we slept late then practiced and etc.   In the afternoon I had Mina, Esther, May, Edythe, Rosamond, Bernice and I.  Cornelia was in South Haven. We had a lot of fun  I took their pictures and had hard work to do it. We had Ice cream and cake. In the evening we stayed at home. Silver anniversary* week begins tomorrow and they are planning great things  they are going to have a King and Queen and Parades every day.

 *Kalamazoo’s Silver Anniversary of being a city. Prior to 1884 it was considered a village.

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