Girls dressing up!

Week of September 5, 1909

 September Sunday 5   Went to Church and S.S. I stayed upstairs today and Mrs Hodge had the class. In the afternoon I read and in the evening also. I wrote a letter to Oliver but was to tired of writing to write any others. I wonder if I will ever read this book when I get old and if I will be able to remember the circumstances. I certainly hope I won’t be poor and if I am rich I am going to do lots of good with my money

 Monday 6  Labor Day! All the Dewey’s were away except Cornelia and she asked Rosamond and I up to spend the afternoon and evening & Super & All night  I couldn’t stay all night but Rosamond did. Oh we had such a lot of fun. I wish I could tell all we did. Cornelia dressed up in Florence’s Bride’s maid dress and had a wedding. We served a very swell luncheon to Mr. & Mrs. Dewey.  I was hostess and Cornelia & Rosamond were dressed as men waiters. It was [illegible]

 Tuesday 7, 1909  In the morning I didn’t do anything interesting. In the afternoon Cornelia, Vera and I took a book and walked out North West of the city and read all the afternoon  We had a lovely time and we ate peanut cookies that we bought at a little grocery on Hilburt St.

 Wednesday 8   In the morning Vera nd I went down town and to the library and Vine street school   she wanted to see Mr Gould but he wasn’t there. So in the afternoon we went there and saw him   Vera lost her pocketbook  In the evening Esther and I went to a committee meeting at Mrs. Smiths and then went over to Mrs Warrens  she had all the neighbors over to her[sic] the phonograph. 

Vine Street School, ca. 1910








Thursday 9   This morning I read most all morning. In the afternoon Rosamond had Nina & Eva, Esther & Hazel, May, Edith, Blanche, Cornelia, Mrs Dewater and I over to her house and  we had a perfectly fine time. Mrs Praegar and Winnafred served the refreshments. In the evening I went to Prayer meeting with the folks & Vera and Nina was there too.

Friday 10   In the morning I didn’t get up until 9:20 then I went over to Woodward Ave school with Vera Perry and her two brothers    after dinner Ruth Bestor and I played duets then I read later  Vera and I played tennis and Edna came over and I beat her a love set  Then Vera and I practiced duets and after supper Ruth and I went over to Elizabeth Stetsons and I borrowed a book. 

September 11   In the morning I practiced and read and in the afternoon Vera & I went down to the Library and I took Ardith  she was real good and real cute. When we got home we practiced and played games  In the evening I read one of the “Little Colonel” books out loud to Gene. Mrs. Bestor, Aunt Emma and Ruth went to tea at Mrs Stetsons and Lois Lusk, Gene & I stayed at home   Mamma and Papa are in Alegan[sic] for over Sunday.

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