Another Week of Fun

[Week of July 25, 1909]

 July 25 Sunday   Papa gave the lesson in the morning and in the afternoon Marjorie MacUmber, Reba Hartness and Claude & Karl & I went out in the woods & built a smudge and read.  Cornelia Carrier and I also took a walk down the road they had a song service in the afternoon and in the evening an address by Mrs. Carrier

 Monday July 26   Reba & I walked to Millen[sic] and followed mamma & Calvin who were in the bugy[sic]  didn’t see us until they stoped[sic] to unhitch. I rode the pony a mile or two and Reba and I both were on his back a while   we all ate dinner at the depot dinning room and we made up a poem to send to Cornelia. Had all sorts of fun, and got home about 4:00 o’clock then went swimming in the evening   Oliver and I went rowing.

 Tuesday July 27, 1909  Went swimming, rowing, walking and reading  had no end of fun  In the evening Oliver and I went walking out in the woods and we each drew a picture on a fungus and found our old stump and put them in.  Then we ate berries and talked   the bell rang for meeting then we ran and were late to meeting.  


Wednesday July 28, 1909   One more day of bliss  I am learning new stunts in swimming  Oh I have such sport  I hate to think of going home. In the evening I went rowing and got acquainted with Lois Marvin. Prof. Unbach gave a talk on Egypt  It is perfectly Grand out here. There has a new girl come tonight named Margaret Berneckel

 Thursday July 29, 1909   Had a lot of fun in the morning and in the afternoon quite a crowd of us went toAntoneLake  we had a lot of fun. Oliver & I kept bothering Cornelia & Phil and we got them quite mad at us   In the evening Oliver & I picked berries and made some smash which made us about 20 minutes late to meeting  after meeting we went and drank some more smash

 Friday July 30, 1909   In the morning I had all kinds of fun. In the afternoon we went to CarolineLakeand had to go 8 miles and we got back in time for swimming. We had lots of fun  Oliver got me some birch bark. In the evening he taught me a tune on the “Sweet Potatoe” [i.e., an ocarina]

Saturday July 31, 1909   In the morning we went berry picking and then Oliver & I sat & ate berries and talked then went home through the woods and were awfully late to dinner so that they rang an extra bell for us. In the afternoon Cornelia Carrier & I went and gathered balsum[sic] and then went swimming  In the evening Oliver & I  were the first ones to meeting for a wonder!!

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