Stormy Weather

[Week of July 18, 1909 ]

 Sunday 18  It was a lovely day had a church service morning and evening in the afternoon Cornelia Carrier and Claude & I went for a walk through the woods. I certainly do have the time of my life up here. I wish we didn’t have to go home until September. The Forest is beautiful  I saw a deer today down on the shore drinking   it was a beautiful sight. 

 July 19 Monday  It rained today but stoped[sic] a little in the afternoon and Reba and Calvin and I went rowing before supper  after supper Miss Letz and Oliver and I went rowing and stayed out until about 9 oclock  we had a lot of fun. Oliver is taller than I am and [blackened out with pencil

 July 20 Tuesday   Rained!!!!!!!!!  my how it rained in the evening   we tried to have a meeting in the chapel and it started to rain and blow and lightning and thunder and it blew on so it blew some chairs over and everbody[sic] got up and it was utter confussion[sic]  they went over to the Lodge and continued and I never saw such a storm in my life

 July 21 Wednesday.  Rained!!!!!!!!!  All day!  the lake rose over 12 inches last night!  they never knew such a storm & so stedy[sic] in this part. There were four little boys from mellan [Mellen, WI] came out the camp in a tent and they started for Mellan [sic] Wed. afternoon   during the evening meeting three of the boys came back crying and so excited they could hardly talk and they said that the road had washed away and they had all tumbled into the rushing torrent and three of the boys had gotten out on this side and one on the other side. Mr. Buswell & Phil went to town on horses to let there[sic] parents know they were safe and they had to go into water up to there waists and the current so strong they could hardly keep above water 

”]July 22 Thursday.  In the afternoon we put on our bathing suits and caps and started  Phil and Cornelia & Oliver and I got way ahead of the rest and went on together  I never saw anything like it in my life   it was a regular river and falls & whirlpools and it would go strait down for 5 or 8 ft some places  Oliver carried me across the stream every time we had to cross and Phil took Cornelia Carrer  Oh we had some exciting times   we went clear to Millen but didn’t go beyond the first house then came back so I walked     8 or 10 miles  none [sic] of rest of the people go so far  my it was exciting!!    

July 24 Friday  No trains are running in any direction because of the wash outs on the lines. In the afternoon quite a number of us went to Eurica [i.e., Eureka] Lake and went to the old hermits cottage   it has just one room and a little room up in the rafters. The hermit went to Norway last winter and I apracticed shotting[sic]

 July 25 Saturday   Went swimming, boating, walking, reading, eating and enjoying life   In the evening the young folks went for a marshmallow roast but I went with Aunt Emma down the road to get her coat and missed it all. Oh I am certainly having sport!!!

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