Getting Ready for a Trip

[Week of July 4, 1909]

Sunday 4   Esther Hazel and I went to Church in the morning and In the afternoon I read and went up to Mays and she made some candy. Then I went down to B.Y.P.U. with Vera Perry and she and I sat with Elizabeth S. & Bessie Lounsberry in church

Wednesday 7   We are all going north!!! isn’t that grand  we are going to take a lake trip. Oh I am so glad. We are going next Monday and get there Thursday night. We are just as busy as we can be getting ready. Oh I’m glad.

Burdick Street shopping and business area, ca. 1912

Thursday 8    In the  morning Mamma and I went shoping[sic] that took all morning. In the afternoon Vera Perry came over and we went to call on Ruth & Gladys Martin. Then we went down to the grocery. In the evening I sewed and told Esther & May about our trip next week.  

Friday 9   May and I went and picked berries at Henderson’s for the last time this year. I only picked 15 quarts today but Mrs Henderson gave me 1-1/2¢ a quart for all the berries I had picked during the year so that counted up. I can hardly wait for our trip. Oh joy.

Saturday 10   Today I helped mamma get ready. In the afternoon I took care of the baby for Edna while she made me two shirt waistes[sic]. I wish she was going north too. Oh how the time does drag. Oh for Monday night.

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