Berries, Fireworks and Tennis

[Week of June 27, 1909]

Sunday 27   We went to church. Childrens day. I spoke “the bell of the angles[sic].” The exercises were fine. I sang in the choir.  We came home and ate dinner   We went to call on Ruth Misner and Maude Storer and I like them both. I think Maude is awfully pretty. Went to church and then took the train home   I wrote to Bernice that I could come Wednesday.

Monday 28   Picked berries!! I picked 88 quarts and made $1.10  Oh I was tickled. May and Rosamond and I picked   I got acquainted with a Clare Kendell today, and I changed my name to Lillian and made some awfully funny mistakes In my talking. We got home about 8:30 o’clock. Oh I was tired   My it was hot!!!!!

Working hard but enjoying a day of berry picking; people are unidentified; 1909 (Library of Congress)

June Tuesday 29 1909   May Cornelia & I went to pick berries and I only picked 26 quarts & then came home at noon. I had my hair washed In the afternoon and then read. I am going to see Bernice Wilcox tomorrow   she is just beautiful and a lovely singer  she just graduated from High School this year, and is coming to normal next [“normal” was an abbreviated name for the old Western State Normal School which we know as Western Michigan University]

Wednesday 30   In the morning I strung a bead collar holder and got ready. In the afternoon I went to call on our new neighbor Vera Perry  I like her real well. Then I came to Allegan   Harlen Colbern sat with me from Otsego to Al.  Bernice & I went to the Strawberry festival. I helped serve. Had lots of fun. Then we came home and went to bed. 

July Thursday 1   Bernice and I didn’t get to sleep until four o’clock This morning and we talked all the while. In the morning we picked mulberries and she played and sang. In the afternoon Mildred Kent, Constance Lowe and Neomi Post came over and we all had a nice time. In the evening Bernice and I went down town and we fired off two fireworks when we got home and almost set the house afire.

Friday 2  Bernice & I got up about eight  ate breakfast and went down to see the Parade of Cole Bros. circus, then we came home and after dinner I packed my suit case and then we three drove around and finished at the depot then came to Kazoo and got my fireworks. In the evening I practiced and read. 

 Saturday 3  In the morning I practiced   in the afternoon Vera Perry and I went over to the Normal grounds and played tennis. I like her ever so much.  Edna is going to go North. Oh!!! how I wish I could go too. In the evening I read and talked. I wonder if my life will always be as happy as it is now.

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