State G.A.R. Convention

[Week of June 20, 1909]

 Sunday 20    Phyllis and I got up at 15 before ten and went to church and S.S.  In the afternoon we went over to Rosamond’s and then we 3 went walking over to the Normal, then we came home and went to the Intermediate and stayed to a part of the service then came home with Elizabeth S. & Bessie Lounsbury. 

The "Normal" which Claire refers to is today's Western Michigan University. When Claire was writing in her diary, the campus building was East Hall, as shown in this postcard from about 1910.

Monday 21   In the morning Papa, Phyllis and I went over to the Tennis court but did not play because the courts were full. Phyllis & I read the rest of the morning and walked up in the cemetery. In the afternoon we went to the train but she missed it and so we came back.  Oh we were glad. In the evening had a neighborhood concert without the Warrens.

 Tuesday 22   In the morning I ironed while Phyllis read and then we played tennis. In the afternoon Phyllis went home and then I went shopping with mamma and Aunt Emma. The State G.A.R. convention is on and 6000 people are here from out of this city. The gov. of the state & General Fredrick Grant are coming tomorrow. 

Wednesday 23   Viewed the parade from James office windows. Oh it was lovly![sic] Cornie & Mrs. Dewey were there too. I went with the Deweys rest of afternoon. In the evening Edna gave her party   I served. I had a Mr. Boyland for my partner and I thought he was real nice. Prizes were won by Margaret Walton & Leslie Buswell.

G.A.R. Parade in Kalamazoo, 1909

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