Algebra Exam

[Week of June 13, 1909]

 June Sunday 13 1909   Children’s day in the morning  I spoke my piece and took care of the birds nest. And it wasn’t so easy as it sounds. In the afternoon I rested and then went over to Mrs. Warrens and planned the evening meeting. I lead the Intermediate B.Y.P.U. and got through some how.  I stayed to the Bacalauraete[sic] sermon and sat with Bessie.

 Monday 14   In the morning I took my Alg. Exam  Rosamond and I whispered and had to see Mr. Starkweather.  Mr. Kirby gave us a lecture [and] made a new set of questions   we started over again. In the afternoon I went to Alice[‘s] Wedding at Battle Creek. It was lovely   She is Mrs. Noon now.  Ethel Wight was there from Ann Arbor. We went to the train and showered them with rice.   

Wednesday 16   In the morning I went to commencement with Aunt Emma and was fine. Grace Price and Ethel Girdwood both had orations. A woman fell on the stairs and broke her collarbone and hurt her face just before the close and they took her off in an ambulance.

 Friday 18   In the morning I went to school and got my card  I had A, A, B, B. In the afternoon Phyllis came from Allegan and we went around town some. In the evening we went to the social at the church and only 20 came   we didn’t even have a champeron[sic]  we had quite a bit of fun. Loyd Tryon ate with me and Harry Harvey with Phylis[sic]. Mordyke ate with Esther C. and we all ate together    the new girl came today in 301

 Saturday 19   Cornelia, Phyllis and I played tennis in the morning.  Phyllis and I played tennis in the afternoon and went out to Oakwood. Then went down town and In the evening we went to the Party at Edna’s and there were 14 girls there.  Had a fine time  Esther & I gave a couple boys a piece of our minds for coming up and firing fire crackers and making a disturbance 

Pavilion at Oakwood Park, ca. 1910

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