Who Will I Marry?

[Week of June 6, 1909]

Sunday 6  OO: went to Church … I taught the S.S. class all by my self today. In the afternoon I read.  R.P. [Rosamond Praeger] and I went down to the Intermediate together but she went to her church and I stayed and heard Mr. Martin from India talk. I got drenched! coming home  I came home with Elizabeth S. & Harry H.  

Monday 7  OO helped get ready for the art exhibit for tomorrow. In the afternoon The women folks went to a Reception at Mrs. Pres. & Slocum’s  I took care of the baby  In the evening we had a grat[sic] fire and I read   Mamma sewed the lace on my table cover tonight   it is real pretty.

 Tuesday 8   OO in the morning   In the afternoon a cousin of Papa’s a Mr. Garlinghouse was here. The art and sewing exhibit was today and mamma, Aunt Emma and I went. Some of my things were on exhibition   In the evening we worked Algebra untill[sic] ten o’clock. I can hardly wait for school to close.

 Thursday 10   OO in the afternoon  I went over to Nellie Smith’s for a minute to see about the quartette   In the evening I read and practiced. I wonder if I will be as happy 10 years from now as I am now   wonder who I will marry and if its some one who I have already met. Will I still live in this house. 

 Saturday 12   In the morning I practiced and cut out a stencil design. In the afternoon I took my music lesson and then Aunt Emma and I stenciled three nasturtium centerpieces  they came out real well.  I wonder If I will ever have to sew for myself. I hope not  I can’t bear to sew  I hope I will be rich

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