Claire wonders about marriage

Sunday 30   [May 1909]
We all went to church and S.S. in the morning   In the afternoon we read and talked.  Uncle and Aunt Mr & Mrs Judge Padgham came up   I like them ever so much. Philles and I went walking then we all went to B.Y.P.U. and church   when we came back we ate and talked & talked.

Tuesday 1   [June 1909]
OO [=School] in the afternoon  I practiced and read and took care of the baby. In the evening Two men came up to see the piano, the agent and the Traveling man  Oh th[e]  [Traveling] man is a grand player, He certainly knows how to run a crown piano.

Wednesday 2  [June 1909]
OO … I went to the SS ball game in the evening and 2ndReform didn’t play fair.  K.H.S. [Kalamazoo High School] played K.C. [Kalamazoo College] first before and the High School won.  The folks got home from Plainwell tonight   they have been there to an association meeting.

Kalamazoo College Baseball Team

Thursday 3   [June 1909]
OO   Madge, Alice, Mable and little Dorne came up from Battle Creek today.  We had a fine time. They were at our house for dinner and Edna’s for supper. Alice is going to be married the 14th. Think they are all perfect dears.  I wonder who will get married next year & how long it will be before I get married.

Friday 4   [June 1909]
OO in the morning  In the afternoon I went down to R.P’s [Rosamond Praeger’s] and we worked on our brass hat pins etc. In the evening we had another committee meeting and Russel & Westley & E and I were all here. We are going to have the social 2 weeks from tonight. Deacon Forbes died yesterday.

Saturday 5  [June 1909]
In the morning I practiced   In the afternoon I took my music lesson and then Aunt Emma and I stenciled two centerpieces  one for her & 1 for me.  am going to give mine to Alice for a wedding present. In the evening we worked around the yard and then came in and I wrote my art book so I have got it ready to hand in

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