I rode horseback

Sunday 22   [May 1909]
taught S.S. class. Esther helped.  Took Elinor Shelly home, gathered flowers with E. Stay at Edna’s for supper and James read to us in the evening.

Tuesday 25   [May 1909]
OO [=School] In the afternoon I went down town with Mamma and got some oxfords. Then I went to W.I.C. at Mrs. Smith’s. In the evening papa and I worked Algebra and then I went over to Edna’s and we had a nice time. Oh I will be so glad when school lets out!!!!! The girls are planing[sic] to have a house party in Aug.

Wednesday 26   [May 1909]
OO In the afternoon I wash[sic] my hair and practiced and read. The baby is awfully cute. She can say a few words now. A man bought 301 [Ingleside Terrace] today who has a girl 16 years old  I hope I shall like her, a family with four children are going to move in 302. In the evening I worked Algebra.

Thursday 27  [May 1909]
OO In the afternoon I went with Mamma to Miss Bolgets meeting  we saw a missionary from Africa named Dr. Richards. In the evening I played ball with James and then sewed. I am going to Allegan tomorrow

Friday [May 28, 1909]
OO in the morning Mary S. and I skipped school the last two hrs and sketched. hit!!!  In the afternoon I went to Allegan to stay with Phille’s [probably Phyllis]  Landen   got here and am having a fine time.  Mamma & Papa came up to super and we went to Prayer meeting in the evening

Saturday 29  [May 1909]
In the morning I rode horseback and the first time I let the horse gallop!!! Oh it was sport.  We read and played   In the afternoon we read and then drove all over town. We went inside of the court House and I got some postals. In the evening we sang and played games.

Horseback Riding (the woman on horseback is unidentified)

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