Busy May Week

Sunday 16   [May 1909]
Esther and I got up and got breakfast all by ourselves   Oh we had fun. We went to Church and S.S. and came home and ate dinner. It seemed awfully funny for us two to be in the house all alone. I went to B.Y.P.U. with Rosamond and Esther and I stayed to Church. Rosamond started home but came back. Something happened to her for she came back and was scared all through Church   She won’t tell us what happened.

Edison Phonograph

Edison Phonograph with Morning Glory horn

Tuesday 18 1909   [May 1909]
OO [=School] ate breakfast at Cornie’s.  In the night we spilt the plate of fudge into the bed and we had an awful time. In the afternoon I went back to school and made brass designs for hat pins and belt Buckles. In the evening I studied and went over to hear Mrs. Warrens Phonograph.

Wednesday 19   [May 1909]
OO in the morning. In the afternoon I went to the Cradle roll party   there were 59 of 60 babys[sic] and over 100 counting the mothers. In the evening the Social com. Met at my house to plan a social … We are going to have a Box Social.  We made candy and had a fine time. A lot of boys came up and Tied the door nob[sic] with a clothes line and then made a racket. We went out and broke the string and then they went up in the cemetary[sic] and Sang for us. E & W went about 9:30.

Thursday 20   [May 1909]
OO In the afternoon I transplanted some plants & hopefully will grow

Friday 21   [May 1909]
OO   in the evening Esther and I went to the reception at the Church. Got aquainted[sic] with a Miss Shiltz. Mr. Porter took Esther home. Watched base ball game.  Had ice cream & Frou Frou   I spoke to Mr Forest Walton and I shouldn’t of done it. I told Mr Porter I thought he was mean.

Michigan Female Seminary

Saturday 22 [May 1909]
…  I went on a sketching trip today with 15 girls Miss Watkins and Miss Lacart.  We went way out past the old mill and up by some ponds on the east side.  We went to the end of the cemenary[sic] car line then walked   Oh we had fun!!!! I didn’t get much sketching done. At[e] dinner out there.  Got home at 2:00  took my music lesson and then May, Cornelia and I got our lunch packed and went way out to Everard’s Woods and got just piles of violets & trillium. We got home about 7:00. In the evening I went over to Edna’s to hear there new piano   its grand.  I am just about dead tonight

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