Exhibition in the gymnasium

May Sunday 2  [1909]
Went to Church with E. & H.  in the evening I went to Intermediate B.Y.P.U. and went to church with Elizabeth and Nellie Rank and another girl.

Monday 3   [May 1909]
Miss Landes came today   she is going to stay for a few days

Tuesday 4  [May 1909]
Went to gym.  Had a grand! time   Played Basket Ball and Esther, May and I were all baskets on one side. And our side won 8 to 6.  I made 2 baskets and Esther made 2 baskets.

Wednesday 5  [May 1909]
Miss Landes took three pictures today   one of Ardith by herself, one of Mamma  Edna and the baby, and one of mamma, papa, Gina [Gene] and the baby and I.

Thursday 6   [May 1909]
Miss Landes went home today.

Friday 7   [May 1909]
After school the gym class gave an exibition[sic] in the gymnasium. There were a lot of people there. We all got through it pretty well   I was Esthers partner. In the evening Esther & May and Cornelia came up to my house …

Kalamazoo Central High School Gymnasium

Saturday 8   [May 1909]
In the morning I read and practiced. In the afternoon I took my music lesson and then Cornelia, May and I went for a long walk. Oh! we had fun. We ate oranges and walked in a swamp   we stopped at Bakers on the way home and saw their little baby chickens hatch out of the incubator.

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