Meadimber’s Palace of Sweets

Meadimber's Palace of Sweets

Thursday 29  [April 1909]
Perhaps!!! I am going to work in Mrs. Nappins studio this summer   think of that.   I went with Miss Watkins after School to see about it. Miss Watkins took me into Medeimbers[sic] and treated me to an Oriental Buffalo. It rained and I took her to her home and then brought her umbrella home.

Friday 30   [April 1909]
Went to gym. In the evening the W.I.C.’s gave our social & Oh! How it worked. It was a great success  there were about 75 people there and they all had a fine time. I passed out the slips for people to be partners and I fixed it so that Herold[sic] Bacome and Esther were partners. He was so crazy to meet her. We made $6.25 and I was oh so busy helping to keep things going. We had an art gallery

Saturday  [May 1909]
I took my music lesson today. We are cleaning house and it is snowing awfully hard. It is just a regular blizard[sic]. In the evening May and I went down to Cornelia’s and we made Maple Wax and ate it on snow.

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