Spring Vacation

Sunday 28    [March 1909]
I didn’t feel well today so I did not go to church or S.S.

Monday 29   [March 1909]
Spring Vacation for a whole week! I have started a crazy quilt. I am going to work awfully hard on it   it took me all the afternoon to baste the block!  

From the collection of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Tuesday 30   [March 1909]
made crazy quilt and practiced!!!!!

Thursday 1   [April 1909]
went to Prayer meeting.  Hazel McCall and Blanche Betts are going to be baptized Easter  In the afternoon I took care of Ardith   James is sick.

April Friday 2   [1909]
In the evening Esther, Hazel and Mrs. DeWalt [DeWater] came up. Esther stayed all night. We took a bag of popcorn to bed with us. And we sleept[sic] down stairs.

Saturday 3   [April 1909]
practiced in the morning

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