First Week of Spring

Sunday 21   [March 1909]
I got a real pretty piece yesterday in music called Butterfly. Esther and Hazel and I went to church and S.S. and in the evening Esther and I went to Intermediate and had an awful funny time. We stayed through the Baptism service then we came home. We ate a big bag of popcorn on the way down to church. In the evening I read.

Thursday 25  [March 1909]
OO [=School] in the morning    in the afternoon I practiced and studied and in the evening we went to Prayer meeting   there was a Mr. Young a missionary from Burma who talked   it was interesting  He has had thousands of converts during the last few years.

Friday 26   [March 1909]
OO in the morning.  In the evening I went to “Lyman House” moving pictures with Edna and James  they were grand! Lovely! Wonderful! Everything! It was the best it has been yet. They gave the Sicily earthquake and Cornelia got so scared she got up and yelled. She thought the building was on fire. James took a box of bon bons. 

Saturday 27   [March 1909]
In the morning I practiced painted and riped. In the afternoon I took my music lesson and then May and I went walking and got some pussy willows. We got into an awful marsh but we had lots of fun.

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