A Busy March Week

Sunday 14  [March 1909]   
Went to five services today. Esther and I … both sat in the choir   the church was full to the uttermost, gallery and all. I do like Dr. Francis so much.

Monday 16  [March 1909] 
In the evening Esther and I and C and May went to a reception for Dr. Francis at the church   we had a lovely time and I got through the receiving line all right  My I was glad when I got through it. They served coffee and Ladyfingers.

Tuesday 16   [March 1909]
Went to a surprise party on Earl Paterson. I went over early and we played pit    Russel Bys was there. The people met at Mr. Smith’s and all came up together   Earl thought just I was coming over to play games   My! I guess he was surprised.  There were about 25 there I think. Earl was my partener[sic] when refreshments were served. We played games and I got lots better aquanted[sic] with boys. 

Wednesday 17   [March 1909]
Mamma and Papa went to Allegan today.  I wished I could have gone. I went to W.I.C. at Mrs. Smith’s today   we had a real nice meeting   I am Treasurer now. In the evening I went over to Edna’s for a while and James and I practiced on the Type Writer.   

Thursday 18  [March 1909]
I went to school. I went over to Edna’s a little while in the afternoon … In the evening I fixed my pillow top so it is ready now to be traced on to the stencil paper. I must practice an hour every day.

Saturday 20   [March 1909]
In the morning Cornelia and I rollerskated. In the afternoon I took my music lesson and then Cornelia, May got her feet wet, Cornelia almost did and I escaped entirely.  I found a little leather purse with one penny in it.

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