My health, the family and Lincoln’s Birthday

Sunday 7    [February 1909]
I didn’t feel well today and did not go out to S.S. [=Sunday School]

Tuesday 9   [February 1909]
This evening Edna & James [her sister and brother-in-law] went to the party and stayed with the baby [till] Mrs. Bruens could get there. And Oh how she did howl I say[sic] down beside her and sang and just as I thought she was asleep and was geting[sic] up as carefully as I could she would wake up and I would have it all to do over again.

Friday 12 1909    [February 1909]
Lincoln’s 100th Birthday. It is a Legal Holiday today! In the morning we had excersises[sic]  in honor of Lincoln. Prof. Bailey of the College gave a talk on Lincoln. Miss Watkins asked me this morning to draw a picture for the “Delphian.” Oh I know I can’t do one good enough. I guess the girls are gong[sic] to be in the “Egypta” but I am not.  


February Saturday 13   [February 1909]
Sick! I didn’t get dressed today. I read all day. I read “order no. 11” I liked it very much. Ardith [the baby girl of Edna & James] most killed herself today   she got hold of the electric light cord and pulled the shade of the lamp over onto her only it hit the table instead of her, and all broke to “smithereens” and showered down on her.

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