A February School Week

February 1, 1909
In the afternoon I went to the school and got my card   I got A in Latin   A in English   A in Algebra and B in Ancient History.  A in drawing.  I got A on my Latin Exam. Oh I am glad. I am 10-1 now. I take, Latin, Alg., Botany and English.

February 2, 1909
OO [=School]   after it, Esther, May, Ray, Rosamond, Cornelia and I went skeiing[sic] we just had packs of fun  I got awfully wet because I dumped every time I went down the hill   In the evening we went to Marion Green concert it was grand   I liked Miss Corleus the soprano singer best. She was dressed entirely in white satin, Oh! she was pretty. Cornelia went with Ralph.

February 3, 1909
OO we planted some seeds in Botany today it was ever so much fun   I don’t know as I can ever stand “Caesar”   we are reading it know[sic] in Latin.

February 4, 1909
OO   after that Cornelia and I went down town and bought some school suplies[sic]. In the evening I studied.  

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