There are no — bones broken in my legs

Sickel Barracks

Hospital Alexandria May 28th

Dear Mother

I am now here as well as can be expected I went from Chanslerville to Fredricksburg & then helped Guard through to bell plains 9,000 & 500 rebs prisnors, from there I went back to Fredricksburg & then to Bolling Green & then to Milford Station 40 miles from Rich there I got a horse & while trying to cross the North Anna River I got run over by a Government Wagon & Six mules. I was run over both knees, well I was scart a great deal & hurt very little. the knee that was hurt befor is the worst but I can walk on crutches now & in a week I hope to walk without them. do not be at all worried about me for I am in a good place & there are no bones broken in my legs. I was hurt about a week ago & we got here  today. Oh how much people ought to patronize the Sanatary Commission for how much good they do do to poor wounded & sick soldiers. I cant write any more no so direct your to
Sickel Barracks Hospital
Alexandria Va

S. F. McOmber

P.S. May 29th this morning I feel very well but did not get much sleep last night. I have mustered for pay at the Reg but I shall not get it here & if you will lend me a few dollars when I get payed again I will return it. for there are a few things I kneed here. you may consider me lucky for this morning the report is that half of the 7th are Captured & killed. Tell sis that prehaps I shall be home in a few week to see her. So good by now I remain you sincere & humble Son



Newark, N.J. June 4th, 1864

My Dear Mother, at present you see I am stationed here. we came here from Alexandria yesterday & left that place day befor yesterday. We now are in the Margret St Hospital. My legs are doin as well as could be expected. I hope to get a Furlow for 15 days & come home I am very weak & tiard from riding on the cars but I think that if I have a day or to of rest I shall be able to go home if they will let me. I am in Ward 11th & you nead not write until you here from me again. I cant write more at present so good by.

from you Aff Son


Curator’s Comments: In these two letters, Spencer seeks to reassure his mother that he is still doing well although he has been injured in an accident. In crossing the North Anna River, McOmber seems to have fallen from his horse and his legs were run over by a wagon drawn by a team of mules. He says he was frightened and in pain but fortunately did not suffer a serious injury. He wants his family to appreciate how important the work of the United States Sanitary Commission is as well as the Ladies Soldiers Aid Societies that supported the Commission.

The first letter was written from Alexandria but Spencer writes a week later from a hospital in Newark New Jersey. He says the ride to New Jersey on the train, that is, “the cars” has tired him out. He needs crutches to move around and he is hoping for a furlough.

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