Spencer’s Letters in May 1864

Spencer writes home twice during May but both communications would be enough to worry any mother. In the first letter, he has survived the major combat in a large-scale battle, the Battle of the Wilderness. Combat still rages around him as he can hear the boom of artillery as he writes. He describes the many wounded soldiers he has seen.  There is no date on the letter. It will be posted on May 15, 2014.

In his second letter of May 28, he reassures his mother that his injury is not all that serious. Although his legs were run over by a wagon, he suffered no broken bones, was hospitalized, and transferred to a hospital in Newark, NJ. He is hoping that he might perhaps be granted a furlough.


Come back on the 15th and 28th to read Spencer’s letters for May 1864 and a third letter written on June 4th which he mailed with his May 28th letter.

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