November 3, 1863 am getting quite lonesomb

Chatleic Station  Nov 3, 1863

Dear Mother

I have not received any letter from home now for some time and am getting quite lonesomb and am going to make a big strike for   furlow guess I can get one in the course of two month & want to know if you think Mr May will be ellicted Gov & when the ellection comes off.  & do you know whether he does any business now for military men.  Our captain has got a very high position in Washington! he is Judge Advicate of Court Marshalls.  he receives $18 a month extra also $1.50 a day extra and I shall as soon as we get our pay go to Washington and think I can then get a furlow.  our 1st Lt arrived last night from Wash. for which I was much pleased.  I want to know if it does not take a great while for my letters to get home it seams as though I rote often enough & when I get an answer it is to letters I wrote most a month before.  Your letters come through very quick some in 4 days & some in three but my letters eo must be most two weeks in getting home I guess.  we have been in the rear of the army quite a while but guess that we will get shoved ahead soon.  at least I hope so I hate this C chaseing Mosby & Whites Gorilies all over the part of the Country which never amounts to a hill of beans.  I guess by the movment of things they calculate that we shall winter on the other side of the Rapahanoc.  Oh I would just like to get over again in the vicinity of Colpeper again & I think we could make ourselves comfortable once more.  I want to see the army live on the citizens then perhaps they wont harbor. & protect old Mosby so much.


Nov 6th 1863.  I will now continue.  I have received a letter from you telling about the draft & should like to see all my brother soldiers from Kal with Unkle Sams britches on down here fighting for their country.  John Glover of the 5th is not a prisoner but all right.  We have had (right smart of a time since I began this letter & that night of the 3d at 1 oclock evry man turned out packet up & started for Falmouth Well we went there & went up onto the hights of Fredricksburg & then started back.  I left my White horse in camp & took another one & the night we left Falmouth he gave out & I left my saddle & some of my things.  you might have seen me in my stocking feet at the rear of the colm walking the best I knew how.  I walked & kept up 25 miles & got here when the Reg did.  this is the first footing that I have had to do we took one prisoner & lost 4.  I had a pair of new boots & they hurt my feet so I was obliged to take them off.  When I got here I found my feet were rather sore but I guess I shall come out all right.  This camp is only two miles from the old camp a Warrington Junction the first camp I ever went into in Verg.  I went when at Falmouth to our old camp there & it seemed like going home altho we did not stay but a week or so there yet it is so strange for us to stay that length of time in one place that we all wonder what is going to happen.  I guess you forgot to send a stamp last time please send one evry time & sometimes two so I can write to others we can not buy them here.

From your aff son, Spencer

I wish you would make me a Kneedle Book & send it by mail & put a lot of Guttapercha Buttons in I don’t see as we are ever going into winter quarters Please put in small Scissors & lots of thread & all big needles & also a [illegible] of tea we have not had any for two months. Tell sis that I have the largest hat and the longest pair of boots and the best horse in the world. Spen


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