October 24, 1863 Orderly Sergt was taken prisoner I was promoted to his place

Gainsvill Oct 24th 1863

Dear Mother

I wrote a letter to you day before yesterday which was my birthday.  but [as] it was with a pencile & I carried it in my pocket ever cince I thought I would copy part of it & write more now.  we are in camp in a little woods just back of the town.  the town does not contain over a dozen houses & part of them have no families in them.  the citizens hardly live here.  for the want of things to eat.  if they plant corn or wheat it is all taken from them to feed our horses before it is ripe.  if they plant potatoes the soldiers dig them but they all say (except the rich old planters who have a plenty of evry thing) that we use them better than the Rebs.  I presume you would like to know exactly the way that our Co stands & the way I stand in it.  We have a Capt who I am sorry to say is a coward but other wise he is quite a fine man he has a fine education & is a good man to settle little difaculties that rise in the Co.  the 1st Lt. is a fine man & would do his duty where ever he was sent.  the 2nd Lt. is a fool & a Coward & the Capt & 1st Lt both hate him.  As I am one of the duty Sergt when the Orderly Sergt was taken prisoner I was promoted to his place.  by the influance of the 1st Lt.  I am now resting & propally will for a week or more for I was completely run down having killed two horses & nearly killed my self.  the Col say I [am] the hardest man on a horse in the Reg.  there was quite a fine negro girl came into camp yesterday she has run away from her master & is now cooking for the Lt & I & some more of the boys.  she will probally go north the first chance she gets.  I presume you can not imagine the way we have been drove around for the last few week.  I feel as tiard now if I had done a days work. & now we have had three days rest.  we ought to have three week rest to get over what we have just been through.  John Glover was taken prisner on the last raid.  & another boy from Kal in the 5th.  I do not know of much to write now so I will close here   Please write soon & tell all the news you can think of from Kal.  send papers for I get them.  I remain your humble & dutifull Son


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