Oct. 16, 1863 the old Bull Run battle field

4 miles from Centerville.

Oct. 16th

Dear Mother the last 6 days have been to me the most eventfull of any in my life. I was called to horse when I was writing last & we fell back almost to Colpeper & then back to it fighting all the way. at brandy Station we had the sharpest fight I ever Saw. we were surrounded on all sides by more than twice our no. but Gen Custer rode down the lines & ordered us to follow him & we did. we charged three times our whole division & each time passed clear through the Rebs lines. after 4 hours hard fight Gen Beauford came to our relief. we then fell back across the Rapahonack & then to Beadles Station. where we burned all the buildings. Still we retreated & yesterday we lay on the old Bull Run battle field. it is covered with bones of dead men. graves with twenty men in often are so uncovered that you can see their heads & arms & legs. we were on Picket there while they were fighting off to our right I have had no sleep for a week or more we fell back last night all night our reg covering the retreat & the rebs firing in our rear. I was on post on the main road. to Wash and our batalion never left their post untill our division had fell back two miles then we run for all our horses were good for we are now across the Run & we will try & hold them back we got a division of Inf to support us this morning. we will propally have a big fight here in a day or two. I have just got some hard tack & eat them with a will for I have had not a mouth full for two days & one night. some are worse of than that but I see I must close so good by write soon


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