July 18, 1863: 4 miles from Harpers Ferry

July 18th   4 miles from Harpers Ferry.  I have just returned from a two days fight at Falling Watters our Reg Charged up into the breast works of the Enemy & oh how the grape & canester did Whiz!!  when we got into the works of the Rebs throwed down their arms but when they saw how few there were of us they took up their arms a[nd] began to fight we drew our sabers & waided in.  hand to hand & Saber to bayonett a Sergt on my right hand next to me was shot dead  the fellow on my left was unhorsed & I had my horses head cut by a Reb Lieuts Saber but we Conquered & took 2,000 Prisners & 2 pieces of cannon.  Old Lee was then crossing the River.  we now have stoped after riding two days on the Run to complete a flank movment we will have  more fun tomorrow I just have got your letter  O how glad I am.  I was in the fight at Hagerstown & out of the whole Reg there is 400 men left.

July 18th Continued

I have herd from Lieut Andrews he is taken Prisner with my money but I will get it when the Reg is payed off.  one of our Lieut is Shot in the arm  I am in Douglasses Co.  Co H. Washington. D.C. Adress.  I know that Van Kirk too  he is in the Hospital a washing the other fellow I will see some time tonight on the march for we will march all night if it does Rain.  ha ha ha


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