McOmber’s June Letters

S0007412There are no letters from Spencer McOmber to his family during the month of June 1863. We don’t know why. His unit did not leave Grand Rapids until June 24. In May he had written on average twice a week, so it’s hard to imagine that he simply stopped writing in June.

We can only speculate, since McOmber doesn’t address the issue in his first surviving July letter, nor does he try to write about anything that might have happened between his last May letter and his departure from Grand Rapids. One might think that his impending departure alone would be reason enough to write, wishing his loved ones farewell.

The most likely explanation would seem to be that those letters were lost. They may have been lost during the war or at some point in the century and a half after the war and before his descendants donated them to the Museum in 2003.

The next letter written by Spencer is from July 10, 1863 and will be posted on July 10, 2013.

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