Joseph Dewaters letters

In addition to Harrison Dewaters’ letters to his sister, Joseph Dewaters wrote nine letters to Ann Dewaters describing his experiences. The letters cover the period from December 3, 1862 until April 1, 1864.

Although he is only twelve years older than Harrison, Joseph Dewaters is an uncle to both Harrison and Ann. His writing skills are noticeably poorer than Harrison’s and his letters are harder to read.

Uncle Joseph was seriously wounded in the Battle of Stone River, Tennessee at the end of December 1862. He was hospitalized for several months recovering from the wound. He eventually recovered and re-enlisted. However, he died from typhoid fever at Lookout Mountain, Tennessee on July 21, 1864 and is buried in the national military cemetery in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Tombstone for Joseph DeWaters - Chattanooga National Cemetary


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