Three Months have Passed

Three very eventful months have passed between Dewaters’ letters to his sister (at least among those letters that survive). On November 3, 1864, the 13th Michigan was assigned to Gen. William T. Sherman’s Army and about to begin the famous march to the sea at Savannah, Georgia. Harrison merely mentions that since he arrived at Savannah, which fell to Union forces on December 21, he has not received any mail from Ann. He says nothing at all about his experiences on that march or during the siege of Savannah or how and why his unit is now camped near Sister’s Ferry, Georgia.

 Memorial illustration of Sherman’s March to the Sea

Harrison makes the interesting comment that the troops don’t have enough to eat. He attributes that to the fact that they are not able to draw for themselves, that is, help themselves to whatever food they could find as they did when the army marched across Georgia. But he expects that they will be able to do that soon.

Dewater then inquires about the family back home. He sarcastically tells her to thank Uncle Orville for not sending any letters in reply to the letters that he sent to his uncle. He says he won’t be writing to him, Martha Jane, or Sheila until he gets a letter from them. In closing, he asks Ann to send a silk handkerchief because his eyes are bothering him and, as always, for more stamps. Harrison’s frequent requests for stamps suggest that he wrote far more letters home than the 25 or so that have survived.


  Soldies Lettrs

                                Miss Ann Dewaters


Camp 13th Mich V.V.I In the Field
at or near Sister Fery G.A.

                Tuesday Jan 31 1865

                                Miss Annie Dewater absent Sister not hearing from you in a long time I thought I would Scrible you a few lines to let you no that you was not Forgotten but I Sometimes think that I am Forgotten for I have not heard one Word from you Since I have ben at Savannah & I should like to hear from you hoping when these few lines Reaches you they may find you all well & engaging your Self as well as Circumstances will Admit or as well as they leave Tip for I believe I am as well as could be Expected under the present Circimstances not having any to much to Eat I supose you would like to no what the Resin we dont get Enough to Eat Case Why the Boys Drawed for them Selves & now we have got to Fast for 3 Days but I dont Think that will  Starve Case thar is to much Forage in the

General William Sherman

Country we left Savannah about one Week ago & whar we have started for is unnone to we Soldies till we get thar & then we dont hardly no till we ar thars 4 Days wal Ann how is all of the youngs Folks get along just give them my Respects & tell them that Tip is Still Alive & Well & hope when they hear from me they will answer one thing when you Write to Uncle Orvile you will tell him that Tip dont want to hear from him fro I have written 4 or 5 Letters & never have heard one Word from him so you can just Say to him that I am much obliged to him for his coraspondance allso to Marthy Jane & Shile they the Same I Shal never Write a nother letter till I Receive one from them neither one of them Just give them my Respects Ann I want you or Mother to Send me one of my Silk Hankercheif to me by male for my Eyes is not very Well & I cant get one hear So I must close hope son to hear from this Excuse all my mistaks & oblige Tip Address Co. H. 13 Mich VVI 2nd Brig 1st Div 14 AC Shermans Army


                                                I am Respectfully
                                                your Brothr
                                                OH Dewater

Send 50 Cents worth of Stamps for Tip


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