The next surviving letter dates to early May. Harrison writes to Ann from Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. In the months that intervened, he would have visited his family when the 13th Michigan was granted a 30 day furlough in February of 1864. He also re-enlisted for another term of service. He makes no mention of either although he does make reference to photographs of two neighbors, Amy and Clarissa Hope that he left in a coat pocket while on furlough in Oshtemo.

This letter hardly mentions what Harrison and the 13th Michigan are doing in Tennessee. He spends most of it asking Ann for a photograph album, talking about young women in Oshtemo whom he may have recently seen, and even giving Ann advice about a prospective husband. The 13th had returned to Chattanooga from furlough in late April and for the next several months would remain there, engaged primarily in building military hospitals. It would not return to combat until September.

May 3 1864

                              Camp on Lookout Mountain
near Chattanooga Mountain

This is the type of photograph album that Harrison writes to Ann about. It would hold tintype and carte-de-visite images.

Wal Miss Annie Dewaters your letter came at hand this morning & I was glad to hear from you it found me well & all of the Boys but was sory that you didnot find them Photograph I think that I left them in my Coat Pocket their names ar Clariey & Amey Hope the next time you write Send them to me & then I want you get me a Photograph Album one that shuts with a Loop like a acount Book & when i get some money I will send it to you tell me what it cost & send it to me in the male   you said that Mr Dewton said that I was going to have a new Brothern Law would not be surprised if that is so but hope that you will get some bodly that you think enough to  live as long as you live  have who you want for all Tip has said for when Tip gets maried he is going to have who he wants for all of any Body   zenns just got a letter from Malissa to day   we ar chopping wood for coal we have a good time i have no news to write at present I wrote a letter the other day you said that you & Libbie had got in office i have you both for being worthy of it they cant say that of all the Girls around Oshtemo   give my respects to Libbie & all of the rest of the Girls allso to mr Hopes Girls   tell him that Tip is well and hopes to see them some time   after this War is over with   the Boys all sends their respects to all of you Hoping soon to hear from this I must close for i must go to work Hoping soon to hear from this dont forget them Photograph when you write so Good By

                                                      Most respectfully
                                                                        your brother
Harrison Dewaters

                            To Annie Dewaters
Excuse all mistakes

write soon

NOTE:  Amy and Clarissa Hope of Oshtemo; they were close neighbors of the DeWaters.

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