Harrison’s Frustrations

Harrison’s unit was part of a larger force that was pursuing a Confederate Army commanded by Gen. Braxton Bragg. The unit would spend another month in Hillsboro before moving on.  In mid-July, after the 13thMichigan Infantry had moved from Murfreesboro to Hillsboro, Tennessee, Harrison decided to address three short notes in one letter, one each to his sister Ann, his brother Albert, and his father.  By now Harrison’s tone is clearly one of frustration about the war.  

Harrison’s sister, Ann, about 1863

July 17th 1863

                                                Camp of 13th Mich Infantry Co H
                                                at Hillsboro Tennesee War Time

Wall Ann i thought i would try an scrible you a few more lines as i told you i would when we stoped    we have ben hear 3 or 4 days but expect to move soon when we get so that we can get Provison so that we will not Starve    we are all alive yet but we have seen pretty hard times    we have thrown all of our clothing away so we have not got any thing but what we have got on but we can get more when we want it but we dont want any more untill fall   we are in the woods it is the DO Hole that i ever see but we can stand all of that if all of the news ar true   we hear good news most ever day but the news that we hear is old    when you write you must tel me all the news that you hear for you get all the news rite of[f] after it happens   i heard from Unkle Joseph this morning    i come up from Picket this morning we hafto stand pretty often for our Regiment is pretty small hoping that we will get some when they Conscript [i.e., draft] & i hop that will come up soon

So i must close for i must write soon to Albert & Father for cant think of enough to fil up this sheat a writing to one so i must close so good bey Write soon this from your
                                                                                                                Brother Harrison Dewaters


                                                                                                                                                                July 17th 1863

                                                                                the Same camp 13th Mich

Wal Albert as i thought i would Scrible you a few lines in answer to the one that i received from you   wal i am still alive & expect to live untill i can see Mich again if it is a Posible thing & if the Yankees does as well as they have be doing for the last few days i think thare is some prospect of comming home some time or other i suppose you are having goods times   wal go in while you are young for when you get Old you cant i would like to be thare with you but as i cant i will try & do the best I can & you must do the same for when i get home i shal have so much better times   so i must close you must write as soon as you git this write all the news all about the war

So i must close for i must write a few lines to Father so good for this time from your brother
                                                                                                                Harrison Dewaters


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                July 17th 1863

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Camp of 13th Mich Infantry
                                                                                                                at Hillsboro Tennesee


Wall Father as i hav Written to all of the rest or part of them i will try & scrible you a few lines   wal in the first place what do you think about this War   i can tell you what i think about it   i think thet the Yankees are giving the Butternuts just [what] they kneed & if  th[e]y keep on doing as well as they have ben doing for the last pas month th[e]y will get their full of them DD Yankees that is what i think about & i hope that that conscript  will take place soon & fetch evry man in the field that can cary a gun & when you write tell me what you think   think one thing more is that some say they will not stand the Draft i hope if they do under take to do eny thing against it they will Hang every one of them or send them out side of our lines in Dixie that is all i have got to say about it   and about my money i want you to [know] that i can get it this fall be shur & hav it all for i may want it when we get our pay i want to Send home some more but cant tell when we shal get it So i will close   So good by   is your Wheat good this fall   give my respects to all Melissa Clark Gilbert & all of the rest write Soon this is from yur son




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